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Rustam Ibragimbekov
Rustam Ibragimbekov
screenwriter, director, producer...
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RUSTAM IBRAGIMBEKOV was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, on February 5, 1939. After graduating from Azerbaijani Oil and Chemistry Institute (1962) he worked as a research fellow, then began writing and entered postgraduate courses for film directors and screenwriters; (1974). After that he started the career of a playwright and screenwriter and soon became one of the outstanding writers of the former Soviet Union. In 1976 he became an Honored Artist of Azerbaijan and later, in 1994 he became an Honored Artist of Russia. Rustam Ibragimbekov is credited with more than 50 screenplays of full feature and television films. His debut was "IN A SOUTHERN CITY" (dir. by Eldar Kuliev, 1969) raising moral and ethical problems. Apparatchicks criticized the author while his colleagues and the audience praised him. "WHITE SUN OF THE DESERT" (dir. by V. Motyl, 1969) is still immensely popular in Russia and the CIS and is really one of the cult movies for many generations of spectators. Thirty years later Rustam Ibragimbekov. got the highest State Award of Russia for the film.

In 1970 Nikita Mikhalkov made his debut – a short film "ONE QUIET DAY IN THE END OF THE WAR" after R.I. screenplay. Since that time they made together three internationally acknowledged motion pictures: “CLOSE TO EDEN” (“URGA”) - "Golden Lion", Venice Film Festival, 1991, the "Felix" award by the European Film Academy, 1993; State Award of Russia, 1993, “BURNT BY THE SUN” (Grand Prix, Cannes FF, 1994; Academy Award for the Best Foreign language film, 1995 and the State Award of Russia, 1995). Their latest full feature film - " BARBER OF SIBERIA" with such world acclaimed Russian and foreign stars as Oleg Menschikov, Julia Ormond, Richard Harris and Daniel Olbrykhsky - the State Award of Russia, 2000. Thus Rustam Ibragimbekov became the first citizen to be the four-times winner of the highly prestigious State Award of Russia.

Other popular films made after his screenplays are:
"THEN I SAID: NO!" (1973), "BIRTHDAY PARTY" (1977, awarded with the State prize of Azerbaijan in 1980), "INTERROGATION" (1979, state prize of the USSR in 1981), "IN FRONT OF THE CLOSED DOOR" (1981), "BUSINESS TRIP" (1982), "PROTECT ME, MY TALISMAN" (1986 - the main prize of Istanbul FF), "DOUBLE LIFE" (1987), "THE INFORMER" (1987), "FREE DOWNFALL" (1987), "TEMPLE OF AIR" (1989), of the most current ones –"EAST-WEST" (shared by R.I. and Sergey Bodrov, Sr) nominated as a foreign language film for the "Oscar" award by the American motion picture academy, 2000; “BEAR’S HEART” (2001) and “NOMAD” (2005).

Rustam Ibragimbekov is an acclaimed dramatist who wrote more than fifteen plays staged in theatres of many countries of the world. Such plays as "A WOMAN BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR", "LIKE A LION", "FUNERAL IN CALIFORNIA", "A HOUSE ON THE SAND" and others have been staged in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Prague, New York, Sofia, Budapest, Berlin. ROPE FOR THE HANGING" written in 1996 was staged in Russian Drama theatre in Baku, then in "Ypsilon" theatre in Prague, in April, 1999 and later in Moscow “Modern” theatre. In 2008 Rustam Ibragimbekov produced and staged his play "My Darling Men" in the same Modern theatre in Moscow. In fact, he directed many of his own plays. In March, 2000 he was invited to direct his play "LIKE A LION" in the municipal theatre of Istanbul, Turkey.

He is the founder, creative director and producer of his theatre IBRUS, where actors play in two languages: Russian and Azeri. Rustam Ibragimbekov is also known as a writer credited with a number of novels and selected works, published in Moscow and Baku.
Since 1989 he's been actively involved in producing films. He is known as the producer of "Taxi-Blues", "Duiba-Duiba", "To See Paris and Die" and many others. One of the latest projects – “NOMAD” (where he is also the screenwriter) was a big budget motion picture with an international crew from more than 16 countries of the world.
In 1996 Rustam Ibragimbekov directed the TV film "THE MAN WHO TRIED HARD" which later, in 1998 got the highest prize of Teleforum of the CIS and the Baltics in Moscow. In 1998 he completed a full feature motion picture "THE FAMILY" after his own screenplay that was chosen for Panorama section of Berlin Film Festival in February 1999 and subsequently invited to International film festivals in Sochi ("Kinotaur"), Karlovy Vary, Edinburgh, Montreal, Haifa and Freedom Festival (In Berlin and Los Angeles).

In 1998 Rustam became a voting member of the European Film Academy and in 1999 - a voting member of the American Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences.

Rustam Ibragimbekov is the Chairman of Confederation of Filmmakers' unions of the CIS and the Baltics, the Chairman of Filmmakers’ Union of Azerbaijan, the President of the "East-West" International festival, a member of Russian Writers' Union.
In 1994 he became the Honored Artist of Russia and in 1998 he became the Honored Writer of Azerbaijan. In 1999 R.I. was awarded the order “For Merits to Motherland” III degree and in 2000 he received one of the highest awards of France – Commandeur of the order of Arts and Letters.
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