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"The Filmcompany ASK – and its successor IBRUS – were initiated by Rustam Ibragimbekov in 1989.
During these years we produced full feature and documentary films  that achieved wide audience recognition and received different awards on film festivals throughout the world. Among them are the following films:

  • "TAXI-BLUES" dir. Pavel Lungin (The best directorship award, Cannes International Film festival, 1989)
  • "COMRADE STALIN GOES TO AFRICA" dir. Irakly Kvirikadze
  • "SEVEN DAYS AFTER THE MURDER" dir. Rasim Odjagov
  • "A MAN FROM THE RED SQUARE" Great Britain-Russia dir. Sergey Bodrov (senior)
  • "SIZ KIM SIZ" ("WHO ARE YOU?") dir. Djanick Faiziev
  • "GANGSTERS IN THE OCEAN" dir. Stepan Puchinyan
  • "DIUBA-DIUBA" dir. Alexander Khvan (Russian entry on Cannes Film festival, 1991)
  • "TO SEE PARIS AND DIE" dir. Alexander Proshkin (International Jewish film festivals in the USA: Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco and other countries)
  • "BROKEN BRIDGE" Russia-USA dir. Rafigh Pooya (festival of full feature films in San Diego, California)
  • "FAMILY" dir. Rustam Ibragimbekov, Ramiz Hassanoglu Mirzoev (First prize on Teleforum Eurasia, 2000; Berlin Panorama, 1999; International film festivals in Karlovy Vary, Edinburgh, Montreal, Haifa, Stockholm, Angiers, Los Angeles and others)
  • "TRUE STORIES" dir. Murad Ibragimbekov (special prize of "Kinoshock" film festival, 2000; prize in Gatchina film festival, the best directorship award in Vladikavkaz film festival)
  • "THE MAN WHO TRIED" dir. Rustam Ibragimbekov, Oleg Safaraliev (Grand Prix, Teleforum Eurasia, Moscow, 1998)
  • "MUSEUM OF BROTHERHOOD OF NATIONS" dir. Rustam Ibragimbekov, Fuad Ibragimbekov
  • "HOTLINE" dir. Rustam Ibragimbekov (commissioned by UNESCO)
  • "NOMAD" co-produced by IBRUS, KAZAKHFILM (Kazakhstan), True Stories Productions (USA) dir. Ivan Passer, Sergey Bodrov, Talgat Temenev – 2006
  • "THREE GIRLS" co-produced by IBRUS (Russia), Azerbaijan, Germany – 2021 dir. Murad Ibragimbekov
  • "GOODBYE, SOUTHERN CITY" - 2006, dir. Oleg Safaraliev (first screening - PANORAMA section of Berlin IFF)
  • "ALEXANDER. THE NEVA BATTLE" , 2008, dir. Igor Kalenov
  • "THERE WAS NO BETTER BROTHER" - Azerbaijan, Russia. dir. Mourad Ibragimbekov
  • "GOLDFISH IN N.CITY" - Russia, dir. Stepan Puchinyan
  • "THROUGH THE EYES OF A GHOST" - Azerbaijan, Russia. dir. Rustam Ibragimbekov
  • "BIG CONCERT OF PEOPLE" dir. Semyon Aranovitch
  • "SAMURAIS IN SIBERIA" dir. Nina Soboleva
  • "BERINGIA-92 – HOT DOGS" dir. Alexander Maryamov
  • "OLEG LUNDSTREM: COMEBACK" dir. Alexander Maryamov
  • "OIL" co-produced by Azerbaijan, Russia dir. Mourad Ibragimbekov (Grand Prix, Silver Bear – the best documentary – IFF, Venice; NIKA – Russian Film Academy, 2003)
  • "CIVILIZATION" - dir. Mourad Ibragimbekov, 2009

1989 – PEPSI COLA commercial (organizing, fixing the shoot).
1990 – documentary "BETWEEN THE REVOLUTIONS" for the THAMES TELEVISION, Great Britain.
1991 – AUSTIN ROVER commercial.
1994 – short motion picture "SALANDAR" for independent film company, France.
1996 – full feature ($70 million budget) "THE SAINT" for PARAMOUNT (USA). Film director – Philipp Noyce commented on his experience of collaborating with IBRUS in “Variety”:"As filmmakers we realize our dreams on behalf of our audiences. As partners during "The Saint" location shooting in Moscow you and your experienced team enabled me to exceed my dreams.
To film in the historic and beautiful Red Square for five nights with complete freedom and thousands of extras, to have the army tanks, armored cars, soldiers , police and supposedly impossible locations all materialize on cue was indeed phenomenal.
On behalf of my cast, my crew and the audience who will view "The Saint", I thank everyone in Moscow who made our shoot so pleasantly possible. You showed us all that shooting in Russia is easier than filming in Beverly Hills."  
(PhillipNoyce, "Variety", May 20-26, 1996) 1997 – full feature "ANNA KARENINA" shot in Moscow and Saint Petersburg for ICON PRODUCTIONS, USA.
1998 – "STRINGER" for BBC, Great Britain.
1999 – Episodes for full feature motion picture "CAST AWAY" dir. Robert Zemekis for "DREAMWORKS", USA.


"GOLDGISH IN N. CITY" - dir. Stepan Puchinyan

"THROUGH THE EYES OF A GHOST" - full feature, dir. Rustam Ibragimbekov

"NO BETTER BROTHER FOR ME" - dir. Mourad Ibagimbekov

  Since 2000 "IBRUS" has been actively involved in theatre production. In the middle of 2000 Rustam Ibragimbekov set up a unique theatre "Ibrus" of two cities: Moscow and Baku. Accordingly, plays here are staged in two languages: Russian and Azeri.
In spring 2001 theatre "IBRUS" had its premiere – the play written by Rustam Ibragimbekov "LIKE A LION" directed by the author. This play was invited to participate in the International Theatre Olympiad in Moscow (May-July 2001).
In October 2001 theatre "Ibrus" came to Moscow on tour. The tour was organized by the All-Russian Azeri Congress

The  play by Rustam Ibragimbekov "NEED A MAN FOR OCCASIONAL VISITS" was staged in 2002.
 In 2007 Rustam Ibragimbekov produced and directed two of his own plays - "MY DARLING MEN aka THE RAT" in the "Modern ttheatre" in Moscow and "IVAN BUNIN. THE LAST DUEL" in his Baku-based IBRUS theatre. The premiere of "TARTYUF AGAEVITCH" took place in Moscow, in February 2009 (dedicated to the author's 70th anniversary) Currently he's rehearsing the play "DON'T TOUCH SCORPIO'S EARS" in Azeri cultural center in Mosdcow.


Since 1991 - 2997 together with the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (MOMA), New York, USA and Confederation of Filmmakers' Unions IBRUS organized a festival of the best Soviet films - a program of the best feature, video and documentary films made in Russia and CIS countries,  Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia  was screened once a year. Members of the shooting crews came over to meet with the audience representing their films.
IBRUS together with the Confederation of Filmmakers' Unions of the CIS, and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and the Filmmakers' Union of Azerbaijan holds the International film festival EAST-WEST in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Together with the Confederation of Filmmakers' Unions IBRUS organizes the annual FORUM of national film – bringing in colleagues-filmmakers from the former USSR. This is the opportunity for the wide audience as well as filmmakers to see and discuss the latest films produced within the CIS including Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. In 2006 we held the jubilee, Xth Forum.


IBRUS takes care of arranging and preparing the package for publishing: computer typing and editing. The following books have already been published:

Novel "SOLAR PLEXUS" – R. Ibragimbekov (published in 1996 in the publishing house named after Rusanov, Moscow)
Novel "WHITE SUN OF THE DESERT" – R. Ibragimbekov and V. Ezhov (published in 2001 in "VAGRIUS" publishing house, Moscow).
Novelette "TEMPLE OF AIR" – R. Ibragimbekov (published in 2001 in "Friendship of Nations" magazine, Moscow).
Novel "THE BARBER OF SIBERIA" (shared with Nikita Mikhalkov) – (published in EKSMO, Moscow, 2004)

Novel "NOMADS" – based on the screenplay "Nomad" by R. Ibragimbekov ("AMPHORA", Saint-Petersburg)
BURNT BU THE SUN@ - collected prose and screenplays ("AMPHORA", St. Petersburg)

COLLECTED PROSE BY RUSTAM IBRAGIMBEKOV (Amphora Publishing house, St. Petersburg)

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