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Rustam Ibragimbekov
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Plays "THE HOUSE ON THE SAND", "A MOMENT OF TRUTH", "FUNERAL IN CALIFORNIA", "THE ULTIMATUM" were staged by Rustam Ibragimbekov within 1977-1982 in Baku, in the Russian Drama theatre.

In March 2000 the play by R. Ibragimbekov "LIKE A LION" was staged in Istanbul, in the mucipal theatre by the author.

In September 2001 in Moscow "MODERN" theatre had a premier of "ROPE FOR THE HANGING". It was a joint production by the author and the creative director of the theatre Svetlana Vragova. (the play was staged in 1998 by Alexander Sharovsky in Baku, Russian Drama theatre; and in 1999 by Yan Schmidt  in YPSILON theatre in Prague, Czhech republic)

In mid-2001 Rustam Ibragimbekov set up a unique theatre company - "IBRUS".It's distinguishing feature is linguistic and geographical: actors of this theatre of two cities: Moscow and Baku play in two languages: Russian and Azeri.

In spring of 2001 theatre IBRUS opened with its premiere - the play "LIKE A LION" was produced by the author. This play was eventually invited to participate in the Moscow annual International theatre Olympiad.

 In 2003 Rustam Ibragimbekov staged another play "NEED A MAN FOR OCCASIONAL VISITS". IBRUS theatre brought the performance to premiere in Moscow in June 2003.

In 2008 Rustam Ibragimbekov staged his play "THE RAT" aka "MY DARLING MEN" in Moscow "MODERN" theatre.

The latest performance is Rustam Ibragimbekov's play "TARTYUF AGAEVITCH" that premiered in Moscow in February 2009 - dedicated to the author's 70s birthday anniversary.

Starting from 2002 IBRUS theatre goes to Marseille on tour with their latest productions. The audience of TOURSKY THEATRE anticipates the annual performances of this unique theatre.


Premiered November 12,13, 2010 - "Confessions of a Lady who Loved Poetry" - in Moscow IBRUS cultural center (author and director R.Ibragimbekov) "HE AND THEY" premiered in Moscow, on November 17, 2011 in Theatre centre on Strastnoy blvd.
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