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Rustam Ibragimbekov
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Creative work
Rustam Ibragimbekov is the author of over 50 screenplays for full feature motion pictures that were shot by Russian, Azeri, European and American film directors.

He is a world-known dramatist who wrote more than ten theatre plays staged all over the world – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Prague, New York, Sofia, Budapest, Berlin. He founded the unique theatre "Ibrus", a theatre of two cities: Moscow and Baku where actors play in two languages: Russian and Azeri.

R.I. started his creative career as a literary writer publishing a short story "THE DAY WITHOUT JAM" in an Azeri newspaper. It was followed by several volumes of Collected Stories and the novels: "WHITE SUN OF THE DESERT" , "BARBER OF SIBERIA", "THE NOMAD", "BURNT BY THE SUN (collected novels and screenplays) published in Moscow publishing houses "Vagrius" and "EKSMO" respectively.

Starting from 1989 he has been active as a producer. He is credited with such motion pictures as "TAXI-BLUES", "DIUBA-DIUBA", "TO SEE PARIS AND DIE", video films "THE MAN WHO TRIED", "THE FAMILY", "HOTLINE", "THE MUSEUM OF BROTHERHOOD OF NATIONS" and the big-budget Kazakhfilm production "NOMAD" where he was the Producer and script writer. One of the latest "ALEXANDER. THE NEVA BATTLE", directed by Igor Kalenov
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