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Film union of Azerbaijan
The Bureau for the Filmmakers' Union of Azerbaijan was founded in January 1958. The Bureau resolved to set up five sections:
- Full feature film
- Drama, theory and criticism
- Documentary and science fiction film
- Science and technology
- Film fans

Dom Kino (Film Club) was opened on February 10, 1960.
Officially the Filmmakers' Union of Azerbaijan (FUA) was founded on January 11, 1963. In May, 1981 Rustam Ibragimbekov was elected as the 1st secretary of FUA.

In 1996 FUA with the support of Confederation of Filmmakers' Unions of the CIS, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia together with the Foundation of the Centennial of World Cinema held the 1st International Film Festival "East-West" in Baku. The festival became annual. On December 2000 ex-President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliev signed the Decree proclaiming August 2 as the professional holiday of Film.

Presently FUA comprises 234 members. Each Friday Film fans have the opportunity to view the best features of the "Golden Archives" of the World and national cinema as well as the most recent films.

FUA continues to promote the international ties. In 2005 it hosted the events organized jointly by the Ministry of Culture and the embassies stationed in Azerbaijan. For instance, the festival of Israeli films that started on the International day in memory of Holocaust, "Days of Iranian Film"; "Days of the New Russian Cinema", "Days of the new Hungarian Cinema", festivals of Indian and Turkish film. The audience had the opportunity to see the films in different genres and traditions.

Currently FUA is designing its Internet site – () and the site of the "East-West" International FF in Baku (). Soon the sites will be completed.

ADDRESS: House of Government, entrance 5, Baku, AZ1016
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